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Business Launchpad

October 2021-Please register for updates

The Jaipur Crafts Festival 

  • Do you want to create authentic craft designs and a brand that supports them?
  • Do you want to launch a business that supports digital nomad lifestyles?
  • Are you a retailer who wants to move towards sustainable products or away from your Chinese supply chain?
  • Are you a fashion lover or influencer who wants to create your 2022 wardrobe?


The Jaipur Crafts Festival Launchpad aims to jumpstart new ventures and emerging brands by delivering everything you need to begin; from original design to e-commerce to import/export logistics.  You'll learn how to source, design & sell original textiles, clothing, jewelry, rugs and home goods from anywhere in the world.

The Launchpad is a series of preparation tasks (starting a few months before your time on location in Jaipur). Starting early is necessary because Indian makers do not work on production lines with high predictability.  Organized project management is rare. The weather, festivals and family obligations can slow things down.  Starting early is necessary.

It took the Greige designers 3 years to identify vetted craftspeople who will make original, high-quality products. We're sharing the best makers we know of with you. Ideally, you'll make final creative choices and product approvals when we're together.  Having a cohort of creators with you to troubleshoot product designs is invaluable. 

Craft Business Launchpad 2022 Confirmed/Confirming Events

The Craft Business Launchpad supports designers, retailers, influencers and new ventures to create a crafts-forward fashion, jewelry or home goods business in a week. 

How It Works

Our goal is to support you through product creation - steps before you arrive and while you're with us. What you learn and/or create is up to you.

Key advantages: Successfully participating in the Business Launchpad requires that if you want original products, you must begin creating before you come.  Beginning at home overcomes several barriers, like identifying quality makers and long lead times for original craft products.  We have seen plenty of designers come to Jaipur who end up burning through their allotted time and money.  Typically, new ventures end up working with low-skilled makers or middlemen.  These waste time, raise your costs, lower your quality and force down wages for the hands that make your goods. The Business Launchpad saves you time and hassle while supporting your creative and quality vision.  

You'll work with top makers and pay them directly.  We're available to verify pricing to confirm that you're getting value-for-money. Ideally, you'll make enough progress before you come so that you can make final comments/changes/approvals when we're together on-site in February.

Process Schedule

Around November 2021, you'll tell us what you want to make/create/learn.  We'll provide a tailored list of vetted, top quality makers together with a realistic timeline and clear work path. This part of the creative process is largely self-driven (but with insight, information and support from our team). If you want to make a category of goods not listed in our resources, we'll try to identify those makers and create a custom track just for you.


You'll have the opportunity to hire a local craft coach from students enrolled in one of Jaipur's craft knowledge universities, who can steward projects in your absence.  Pricing to follow.

Jaipur Crafts Festival Launchpad Categories

  • Textiles & Clothing (Textile Design, Block Printing, Screen Printing, Embroideries, Heritage Dyeing, Pattern Making & Packaging)
  • Those who need original textile designs should begin by October 15th, 2021.
  • Jewelry (Design, Gemstones, Metals, Casting, Hammering, Finishes)
  • Original jewelry designs should begin by November 1, 2021
  • Rugs & Home Goods (Weaving Techniques, Design, Materials, Palettes)
  • Original rug designs should begin by October 15th, 2021.  Large rugs (over 4' x 6') should begin even earlier.

(Contact us if you are interested in product categories not currently listed and we'll try to accommodate,

Launchpad Events 2022

  • Welcome and group creative review of where you are in your product design/production.  Goal: Identify the work path for what you want to accomplish during the launchpad. (Free. Self-transportation).
  • Merchant Workshop on product margins, retail pricing, market verticals and your come-to-market plans. ($5-10. Self-transportation).
  • Introduction to your Maker Mentor/expert coach in the chosen category.  (Free. Mentors donate their time.  Additional coaching support is available to you for prices being negotiated, now).
  • Sustainability Workshop: Circularity, Doughnut Economy and what these trends mean to your go-to-market strategy. ($5-10. Self-transportation).
  • Skills Demonstration Workshop: Beading.  Weaving. ($10-15).
  • Anokhi Museum (Museum entrance and transportation approximately $15).
  • Tour of Brigitte Singh's Studio or other successful craft business. ($5-10. Self-transportation).
  • Textile design workshop. Demonstrations and info from Harshit at Joshua. ($5-10.  Self-transportation).
  • Talk by luxury leather goods brand. (Free. Self transportation).
  • Talk with a top men's wear designer. (Free. Self transportation).
  • How to build a brand around sustainability and craft with Jeremy Fritzhand of Studio Bagru. (Pricing TBA).
  • Workshop on digital marketing tools and how to set up a successful e-commerce website. (Free. Self-transportation).
  • Workshop on Public Relations and how to get noticed by magazine and blog editors.  ($10-15.  Self-transportation).
  • Quality control, production tracking and tips on how to manage production from a distance. (Free.  Self transportation).
  • Capstone Workshop/Creative Review of your products to troubleshoot problems before production. (Free. Self-transportation).
  • Import/Export, Payments, Logistics.  (Free. Self-transportation).

Jaipur Crafts Festival Events

Most events are private and unique to our group unless otherwise noted. Daily events have limited capacity and are optional.  Typically, we'll have one event per morning and another in the afternoon.  There will be some evening events and a gathering place for dinner if you want to stay with the group.  Unscheduled, free time for exploring or shopping will be noted on the final schedule  We'll save your place on a first-come, first-served basis. Please register to be notified when tickets go on sale, late fall 2021.

Note: The Jaipur Literature Festival 2022 is at the end of January, just before Experiences Week. We’re not affiliated, but it is a wonderful event for book and culture lovers. The new Jaipur Film Festival follows and will be worth staying in Jaipur. Check out other nearby events on the Rajasthani Tourism Authority website.


You're welcome to book into any hotel you like, although we suggest staying close to Jaipur's C-Scheme where most of the week's activities will take place. 

Note: The popular Jaipur Literature Festival ends as the Jaipur Crafts Festival begins.  The Lit Festival creates very high hotel occupancy and February is the busiest tourist/wedding season in India.  You'll want to make hotel reservations a month or more in advance.

Event Disclaimer

The Jaipur Crafts Festival and expressly do not assume any responsibility to correct product mistakes or resolve pricing disputes between you and the people who make your goods. Please be very clear about your product requirements and expectations, as well as payment schedules for goods or services. 

We have spent years meeting and working with well regarded makers. We deliver practical advice and introductions to create successful new craft ventures. That said, your business relationships are created directly with the people who make your goods and the organizers are not involved in any way except to advocate for quality and fairness in all transactions.

The itinerary is subject to change due to inclement weather or other factors outside of our control. We strive for the best possible experience and will substitute anything that must be changed with something equally or even more awesome!

To keep these events affordable, we focus on event programming rather than traditional travel and tourism pricing. Recommendations for higher levels of tourism service providers are available.  Please ask.

Arrival & Departure Airport Transfers
Meals/Refreshments (except where noted)
Ground Transportation (except where noted)
Local Guides (except where noted)
Entry Fees & Tickets to Activities (except where noted)
Transportation to/from India/Jaipur
Travel & Medical Insurance (Recommended)
Additional Snacks & Meals (except where noted)
Tips for Drivers and Guides (At your discretion)

For inquiries or partnership information, contact us at

Please read Disclosures and Code of Conduct, here.

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