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Twig Faux Bois Wood Grain Lamp | Hand Painted Porcelain | Blue & White

Blue & Soft White

Historical Design with the Contemporary Energy of Graffiti

Our Twig lamp is a loose, casual take on bold European faux bois painted finishes. The hand painted wood grain has an exaggerated end-on-end pattern like that you might find on wood block floors. Certain design touchstones are code for decoration connoisseurship and bringing the outdoors in. Faux bois is one of those signifiers of evergreen chic.

Faux Bois Decorations are an Eloquent Wink

Faux bois is one of those high-low design favorites that establishes ambience by requiring the suspension of disbelief. To many, faux bois painting is a knowing shorthand for love of design history, graphic impact and the great outdoors.It is also the naturally graphic art of make-believe.

Affection for faux bois painting expresses a love of nature that predates the Pharaohs. Early examples of faux bois wood grain painting trace to third-dynasty Egypt. Other examples show up in Pompeii and Herculaneum before crossing the globe to China's Yongzheng Emperor (1723-1735).Even if faux bois isn't your thing, the tradition and craft deserve regard and respect.

True, Hand-Painted Porcelain Vitrified at 2200 Degrees F

True porcelain is kilned at 2200-2600 degrees F, which alchemizes the color and base.High heat makes kaolin clay smooth, strong, hard, translucent, white and resistant to environmental challenges. High-fired artisan porcelain is a timeless design classic.

Product Details:
  • Hand Painted Faux Bois Porcelain
  • Blue and White Wood Grain Pattern
  • High Fire Kaolin Vitrified at 2200-2600 degrees F
  • Socket Type A-E26 (3-Way)
  • 150 Watt Max
  • Gold Cord
  • Gold Leaf Wood Base
  • Matching Finial
  • 17 Inch Paper Shade
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  • Do not use any caustic chemicals or abrasives. Stay away from harsh cleaners like alcohol, acetone or ammonia. Only use glass cleaner on glass.
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