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Hana Hand Blown Art Glass Vase | Vibrant Cayenne Red | Small

Cayenne Red

Hand Blown Studio Art Glass Vase in Vibrant Cayenne Red

The Hana vase is a modern, hand-blown art glass vase in vibrant cayenne red. Optic red color is cradled in a layer of smooth, clear glass.
The design features a subtle surface texture called, "ghiacciato". This traditional Venetian craqueluretechnique immerses formed hot glass in cool water for a few seconds before it goes back into the furnace.

A Bright Red Bean Balanced on the Long Side

Most vases are tall and designed to display flowers from a well at the narrowest opening. Hana's dramatic, kidney bean shape rests on the long, narrow side. The bean design creates a deep channel for modern flower arrangements. This horizontal design is also a way to enjoy more of the great vivid color. Thick walls. Mirror-polished top.

Intense red color is challenging to create in kilned, studio glass and traditionally requires solid gold powder to achieve. The size, color and surface make Hana vases triumphs of artisan glassblowing.

Product Details:
  • Impressive, large hand-blown art glass vase in unusual bean shape
  • Intense cayenne red enrobed by a layer of clear glass
  • Traditional ghiacciato technique creates a lightly crackled surface
  • Thick vase walls with polished glass top
General Information on Cleaning and Care
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  • Keep purchases dust-free. Blot stains and liquids. When you need deeper cleaning, use a lightly damp cloth.
  • Keep your purchase in a stable temperature and away from direct sun.
  • Do not use any caustic chemicals or abrasives. Stay away from harsh cleaners like alcohol, acetone or ammonia. Only use glass cleaner on glass.
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