Purpose of the Jaipur Crafts Festivals

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The Jaipur Crafts Festivals activate a crafts differentiation strategy with a matrix of long-term goals that emerge through high-impact events. We inform, entertain and connect stakeholders of Indian handmades. Our projects aim to reclaim India's stature in the top make of material culture and assert the country's ongoing leadership in design and sustainability. We offer new thinking on three vectors: decolonization of crafts, claiming India's influence over European style and the business of crafts, culture and heritage.

It is useful to view festival activities as a nexus of long-term projects that work on the goals of:

  • Improving Brand India
  • Increasing Overall Global Market Share, Including Crafts Replacing Commercial Products
  • ESG+
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Help the Broken Crafts Market Function Again
  • Promote India as a 2nd-Source to Chinese Supply Chains
  • Improve Maker Livelihoods and Quality of Life
  • Prepare to Meet 2023 Global Reporting Requirements
  • India as the Goddess of Luxury
  • Carbon | Net-Zero India
  • Simplifying New Export Customer Entry
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