Shipping and Return Policies (November 2017)

We stand behind our products and want you to be happy with your purchases. That said, furniture shopping and delivery are not something most people do every day. We know a lot about interior design and even more about our products. Let us help you get the confidence your choices will look great in your home by asking us to confirm that your order fulfills the look and function you want ( write us here:

Communication = Confidence

We request you take some very basic steps that protect you, the shipper, the maker and us from any potential misunderstandings. This means that we ask you to do simple things like look at the shipping materials packing before you sign for your delivery. If there is any visible evidence of damage, we ask you to note those questions when you sign for the delivery. If you open the package and discover shipping damage, we may ask you to snap mobile photos of the packaging materials.

This isn't stuff you do everyday, but without your help, we cannot recover damage claims from the shipper's insurance company. Just so you'll know, both you and we pay for insurance on every shipment. If there is shipping damage, without your help we're out the cost of the original order and shipping fee plus the replacement goods and shipping fee plus the insurance costs. You can see why we really need your support.


We are happy to repair or replace any merchandise that is defective. We'll ask you to email us a photo of the defect to help us get a refund from the makers.

For 30 days, we are happy to take back merchandise for any reason, on the condition that it is resalable. Resalable means just that...we could resell the merchandise to a different customer in good faith. Specifically, this means the merchandise returns to us unused in the intact, original packaging. We do not accept returns initiated after 30 days from delivery. If your situation is something in between, please get in touch and we'll try to make you happy. Initiate returns by writing us at


We strive to give you the tools to order carefully and with confidence. This is important because of shopping benefits we may offer. Some products have free shipping, which is great for customer value. However, if your order benefits from free shipping and you choose to return an item for any reason other than damage, you'll need to know about policies that usually accompany free shipping benefits.

We only carry goods from top makers to limit any risks associated with design, make, fit and finish. If you originally paid for shipping, we ask only that you pay for return shipping and we'll refund your full purchase price.

However, if you received free shipping and want to make a (non-damage) return, you'll need to ship the goods back to us in California at your expense to receive a refund. Your refund will be less than the full amount you paid because we deduct the original shipping costs from your refunded amount.

Shipping Information

Shipping has multiple steps and varies by the type of products you order. Higher service levels of shipping may be available. Please inquire.

Shipping Methods

Small products ship via UPS or other parcel services. Products too large to send via UPS will ship via common carrier from distributed, managed warehouses.

Shipping Costs

Shipping fees on our website reflect costs for the basic delivery service level. Products that ship via parcel carriers will ship by ground service.

Shipping Time

Shipping times have at least two components: order processing time + actual ship time.
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