A New Vision of Luxury

Welcome to the evolution. We’re designers and makers of travel-inspired, heritage crafted goods for people with a high-style aesthetic who also want to have a positive impact on the world. Passionate about life. Curious about the world. Determined to live on their own terms.

Live in Heritage

We proudly introduce a range of luxury herb/flower smoking gear, heritage-inspired clothing, luxury bohemian jewelry, COVID-19 protection gear plus high design home goods and updated classic furniture. 

A Store Within Stories

We help customers become highly informed home goods shoppers who feel powerful about discovering and buying authentic everything. We aim to help you get beneath the surface of products to understand the make and materials of our premium products.

Design is also about ideas, fashions and passions. To that end, we strive to deliver context. If you’re like us, stories that explain making processes increase the pleasure and utility of your purchase.  We aim to elevate how we all live; wherever, whatever home means to you.

Travel Exalts. Design Transforms.

A sophisticated store needs to deliver information, in part, to explain why certain products cost more than others. To better serve customers, we created a connoisseur voice that goes deeper into place, make, influences, inspirations and social context of the products we sell than other sites do. Designers design, but the best ones are also teachers. We aim for a knowing voice that substitutes for the kind of experienced salesperson or interior designer you’d find in a top gallery. 

Feed Your Wanderlust

The most interesting folks we know all love travel and authenticity.  Their buying choices reflect the people, places and things of personal history. In other words, they enrich lived experience by integrating travel experiences at home.

The design-travel tribe is eager to know where the things they love come from, why these objects inspire and how they're made. They seek touchstones and signifiers of their stories, what lingers in memory and how to love life even more.

Why Greige? 

Greige is a French word interior designers use to describe particular textiles, a specific color range and various categories of unfinished furniture. We're an independent E-Commerce store, wrapped in original stories (and super-helpful search technology).

We self-define as craft, heritage, design and travel-inspired luxury. We're a store wrapped in stories, (because we really do try to share relevant design history for products we sell and the inside scoop on how things are made). Over time, we hope you’ll find all the information, inspiration, explanation, context and curated products you need to live a travel-inspired life wherever, whatever home means to you.
1187 Coast Village Road
Suite 735
Montecito, CA  93108


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