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The Marketplace

The Jaipur Crafts Festival Marketplace at Narwain Niwas
* Makers will set-up tables on your property and bring things to sell. Outside. The trick is to have things they do not see other places for sale.
* This solves a problem for tourists: How to find quality. The markets are all low quality and the same.
* Pure way to see authentic craft make
* If you want to continue the conversation, we’ll develop details over the next week or so.
* It should be here at the Narwain Niwas, but no pressure. If you pass we’ll go to Diggi Palace or others until we find one that likes the package.
* Disclosure: If this is successful, we will want to do something similar at other properties ,but always with a different craft category so you’re never directly competitive.

The Vision
* Use the whole grounds for two craft festivals on two weekends around the Jaipur Crafts Festivals. One longer weekend of 2-4 days is fine.
* Limited by how many individual booths we can fit in an elegant way.
* Clarify: We hope this will be a money making event for you and your restaurants, retail stores, hotel and others.
* We do not need to make any money off of this. We see it as publicity for the Crafts Festival and helping local makers.
* We will help with press and public relations/media outreach via a professional Jaipur PR.
* We will help with logistics like how to make for a great experience for festival makers and guests. Signage.
* We request that the event set-up, table rentals, maker coordination and clean up be your responsibility.
* We request that the event be named, The Jaipur Crafts Festival Market at Narwain Niwas.
* We hope it would become a yearly event if things work out and you have a good experience.

* Make the first two weeks about block prints. Next one about tribal jewelry or tie-dye or other Rajasthani crafts. Make this narrow and deep into one craft type.
* We hope your retail space will commit to demonstrations of what they do. Example: Frozen Music would demo micro mosaics here. Or marble inlay workers. Muba of Andraab would demo embroiderers in the center.

* I would set up an e-commerce website to feature the products. Festival sales would go through hand-held point-of-sale card readers.
* If we’re able to do this we can split a percentage of the maker sales and share that with you. 

* We identified the reality that consumers see crafts as commodities. Commodity pricing is the same anywhere. Can send you a link.
* Nilesh’s university story?
* Small makers need to create differentiation.
* Here’s how we can help: Coach on product photography. Product descriptions. Creation of a brand halo.
* If we give them these skills they can start to reach international markets.
* My friend Amit is a PR here. We’re going to try to talk him into having marketing technology how-to bootcamp for local business community. Just before or after the festival through his organization, Jaipur Connect.

* Press/Media focus on the property
* Retail and restaurant/bar sales
* Perception of authenticity and positive local spirit. Like to keep it pure: Direct makers. No middlemen.
* Crafts Awards in a Co-Branded Way. Objective judging panel. Several categories.
* Might be able to pull in a wine sponsor for a VIP party on the grounds

* We hope that high profile people will help us select which makers get to participate. We’ll give out some awards and a door sticker that says “BEST OF JAIPUR CRAFTS FESTIVAL” IDEAL TARGET
* Princesses Gauravi Kumari
* Princess Diya Kumari have Art Gargh
* We ask her to select the people who show at the market


Jaipur Crafts Festival

Do you want a deep dive into India's extraordinary craft traditions?  Do you want cultural context and craft/design thinking from India's smartest and most experienced voices? We created the Jaipur Crafts Festival Experiences Week for friends and fans of India's marvelous craft traditions.

This week of festival programming is a mix of experiences, information and insider studio visits with Jaipur's top creatives. The Week seeks to create a holistic intellectual context for India's cultural contributions in design & make. Programming appeals to interior & industrial designers, architects & urban planners, craft collectors, handmade's retailers, and fans of these subjects.  The week is a great first stop for longer trips to Incredible India.

2022 Confirmed/Confirming Experiences 

Experiences Week focuses on immersive experiences with living crafts & culture.  You'll gain insider information on the real story of native Rajasthani crafts. We'll present vivid lectures from leading craft voices, workroom visits to top makers and studio visits to India's cultural superstars. 

Please read Disclosures and Code of Conduct, here.


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