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Pagoda Good Luck Tower | Blanc de Chine Porcelain

Height - Length/Width - Depth

Tall, Blanc de Chine Pagoda

This is a very large scale, dramatic Pagoda modernized by the blanc de chine (white) glaze. Multi-story towers like this are associated with Buddhist temple complexes which had military, religious, astronomical or merit-making purposes aligned with spirits, deities and immortals. The goal was to attract cosmic favor. Over time, traditional uses merged with Buddhist stupas to form the structures we love today.

Traditional, High-Fire Kaolin Porcelain

Large scale porcelains like this are valued because traditionally, they had pride of place in the grand homes of England and France. Our pagoda rises to 7 stories (48 inches) in diminishing proportions from the octagonal base. Each story has its own projecting, bracketed roofline decorated with balconies, banisters and tiered eaves. It makes a beautiful table centerpiece or decorative accent. Blanc de chine porcelain.

  • Tall, Blanc de Chine Pagoda
  • Traditional High-Fire Kaolin Porcelain
  • Easy to Stack Assembly
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