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Set of Akure African Fertility Statues | Matte White Resin

Height - Length/Width - Depth
Plaster White
Gold Leaf

Modern Power Symbols

Originally, these fertility statues from the Akure Kingdom in Nigeria were ceremonial gifts given in contemplation and celebration of children.

The social life of many Nigerian communities is homogeneous, with family at the center of everything. In sub Saharan Africa cultures the desire to havechildren is primary.

Our modern Akure are inspired by the legend of a barren woman who carries a small wooden doll on her back as if it were her child. Eventually the woman gives birth to a beautiful baby girl and others reenact the ritual to overcome barrenness.Our legend's habit of magical thinkinggets her what she wants.

Ritually carrying these dolls is believed to support pregnancy, bringing health, happiness, and a safe delivery to new moms. Successful figures are often retired to shrines as offerings to the child-granting spirits. Others become family heirlooms.


Disk-headed African figures like these are some of the most recognizable images in African art. Flat, round heads with high, oval foreheads are a beauty ideal. The figures have cylindrical bodies, small breasts and horizontal arms.

African figures like these directly inspired cubism and breakthrough works like PicassoÌ_Ì_́‰ÛÓÌös Les Demoiselle D'Avignon. Akure transform visually into modern power symbols that demonstrate sophistication in a home or office setting. Shown in matte white resin.

  • Akure Fertility Statues
  • Set of Three
  • Matte White Resin
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