Tourmaline Love Beads | Hand-Ground | Varigated, Earthy Color

Size: 18 inch Tourmaline

A Circle of Nature

Celebrate earthy color and a calm, natural vibe with our unpolished Tourmaline love bead necklace. Tourmalines are a group of 14 different mineral species that deliver earthy pinks, browns, greens, reds, yellows, blues, blacks and pale purples. Together, they create a satisfying landscape of natural colors. Brown-eyed and hazel-eyed wearers rejoice!

California Dreaming

Calling all rebels, bohemians, peacemakers and freethinkers. Return to the Summer of Love with our new, grown-up love beads. We improved a vintage, hippy classic with high quality, hand-ground semi-precious gemstone beads.  The unisex design features a small, caviar size with an incredible, hand ground, unpolished beach glass finish. Made for another time of change when uniqueness, spirit and freedom were valued.

This exclusive-to-us product took two and a half years to develop.  We’re proud that our update has the same independent spirit as the 60s originals-but with a fresh, modern, natural, non-gendered look.  The unpolished finish delivers soft, modern color that magnifies the gemstone’s organic, mineral nature. 

How to Wear

Layer one for soft, modern color.  Stack and style them together or with other jewellery for a curated, bohemian vibe. Our love beads look great as a wrist wrap, too. These gemstone love beads are exclusive to Greige as part of a triple-brand collaboration with Jaipure and PurHerbals.

    Note: Blackened sterling will lighten over time.